Round Skylight Installation, Perth

Round Skylight PerthBlueSky Installations are proud to install Sky Tunnel Skylights.

Introducing clear and comfortable daylight has never been easier. Natural daylight ensures that the people working or living in the environment are happier and healthier.

By making an environmental choice and utilising this renewable energy, you will be helping to reduce the consumption of our environments precious resources, and saving money at the same time.

Flexi Tube

Flexi-tubeTM is the standard tubing used in all of our Sky TunnelTM kits, and suits most applications up to 3m in length. Installation of Flexi-tubeTM is very easy, and the performance is outstanding. Flexibility allows the installation of the Roof Parts and Ceiling Parts to be off centre, so avoiding any obstructions in the attic space is simple. With up to 86% reflectivity, Flexi-tubeTM is a cost effective and reliable component in the Sky TunnelTM Kit.

And Cleaner Air!

Think of those places in your home where you could not only use more natural light but an air vent too. Maybe the bathroom, ensuite or kitchen.  Now you can have the best of both worlds.  The vented Skylight allows steam or hot stale air to escape freely.

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343mm Diameter

457mm Diameter

535mm Diameter